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Niya “Yaya” Robinson (born January 21st, 1989) is an American Fashion Designer and Social Influencer.
She gained acclaim for creating synomous fashion line Omaj By Noir (, trending fashion
line that has been featured amongst the likes of Fetty Wap, Jeremaine Dupree, Mariahlynn, Tammy Rivera
and several high profile celebrities.
Yaya grew up in a Haitian-American family in New Jersey. She attended Pennsylvina State University
graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Bioengineering. With the ideals of her Haitian upbringing,
developed her brand Omaj By Noir.

Sonje lapli ki leve mayi ou "Remember the rain that made your corn grow "Remember the rain that made
your corn grow. In many ways my grandmother who I affectionately called Nema has been the rain that watered
my roots. Her lessons made me strong, and her stories tied me to a history that not only inspires, but drives my
passions. She is the inspiration for Omaj by Noir. Omaj - to pay homage. Noir- Black. Omaj by Noir is about
loyalty and remembering the greatness that is within. So, just as my grandmother watered me with love and
protection I want to share that same love through my passion for fashion. Styling has been something that has
always come natural to me. Reinventing and pulling things from the past and tying it with the future, experimenting
with different shades and fabrics that most people probably wouldn’t think to put together is enticing.
Omaj by Noir is all about making a statement, mixing fly and sexy with the highest quality genuine leather.
The only thing sexier than leather is having a variety of leather to choose from.